Meet Stacy

It all began in a hay field one spring day. 

I've always had problems with hay and pollen.  My friend, Alisse said, "I have an essential oil that may support healthy respiration. Do you want to try it?"

"Weird," I thought, but I was willing to try it. I rubbed a couple of drops of oil over my nose and it really helped me maintain clear breathing and minimize the effects of seasonal threats. We stood around the kitchen laughing about it.

I didn't know those drops of oil would literally change the course of how we take care of our health.

This experience opened our family to the possibility of using essential oils for many different wellness goals and concerns. We now use essential oils to take care of our family and have options right in our home that we try first.

This enables me to be an empowered mom. When my family needs support, I have solutions right in my home that work fast, are cost effective and safe with no major side-effects or addictions. This is important to me.

I've found essential oils that support multiple body systems, including the brain, the reproductive system, the immune system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system and so much more.

I'm not suggesting essential oils are a magic bullet.  What I've found is that essential oils are very effective, safe and inexpensive, since I usually use 1-3 drops per dose. But, most of all, it's given me power, choices and freedom.

And this is my desire to share with you! I want to help inspire you and give you lots of different tools so you can live your best life yet!