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Let me ask you something…

Do you feel you’re meant for something “MORE” but you’re not quite sure what “more” looks like?

If you’re honest, do you look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back at you? Or worse, do you (dare I say it) hate the person staring back at you?

Are you fearful when it comes to doing the big things you KNOW you’re supposed to do? 

If so, friend, I know EXACTLY how you feel…

From Darkness Into The Light

Hi, I'm Stacy Paulsen...

A few years ago I had a life that most would envy.

By the age of 35 , I had married the man of my dreams, quit my corporate job, built a thriving online business, and loved living in small-town Utah.

Over the previous 7 years, my husband and I had built a thriving international business. I had become a mom and loved raising my children. 

But by the Spring of 2010, I was putting on weight, dealing with chronic migraines and sinus infections, my energy levels tanked and I had two miscarriages.

When I looked in the mirror, I literally felt hopeless with my health and where life was heading. I lacked inspiration and motivation. In fact, I was literally on the verge of quitting our business and giving up on anything more in life.

Yeah, it was bad...

The ironic part was, I knew I was meant for more. Yet I had convinced myself that God had just called the wrong woman for the job...

I kept wrestling with the feeling that I was a total impostor although I helped many people and cared for many people in my life. 

Fast-forward to March 22, 2010. It was a day that changed my life forever. On that day, I awakened from the fog I'd been living in for the past few years and began the journey of discovering solutions for my health and income that would allow time and financial freedom without working myself to death.

I won’t get into the details here... I share this on my YouTube Channel, but let’s just say the tide turned the moment I decided I was ready for CHANGE.

Some may think change is hard. It’s not when you have the right roadmap and strategy. This new strategy totally transformed my life and empowered me to help others in unimaginable ways.

Helping Others

Thanks to my own change, I was able to help one ultra talented but overworked corporate momma go from earning a good six figure income, to owning her own health and wellness business that generates over $3 million in revenue a month.  Jessica definitely Gets Paid to Live Healthy. Check out her story below.

Fast forward to 2023 - and their daughter, Olivia, is the youngest professional soccer player at age 13. 

How cool is that?

Here's what I discovered...

In order to help others in a massive way, you have to help yourself FIRST. It’s kinda like how the flight attendant instructs you to put on your own air mask before assisting others with their masks.

But you may be wondering… “Stacy, how do I help myself? What kind of help do I need?”

If you’re like me, you’ve been in a pattern of living your life by default. Not by design. You’re used to the same ‘ol routines. They are kind of like ruts in a field. If you’ve ever driven in ruts you know how it’s smooth sailing as long as you stay in the track...but your direction is limited.

Living in a rut totally stinks. I should know. I lived there for a darn long time. In fact, it seemed like things were hopeless.

Then I discovered that IF you've had enough, and you reeeallly want to get out of a rut, you’re going to need some help. So that's exactly what I did...I got the help I needed.

And do you know what?  It totally worked!  I experienced a total REBOOT and learned SOOOO many lessons in the process.

Now that I've successfully gotten out of my own rut, I'm on a MISSION to help others just like YOU get moving onto the path of Unstoppable Health and Financial Freedom.  Best of all...I'm confident that I can help you massively kick-start the process over the next 6 months.

Sound good?




What would you do with an extra $1500 a month?

Residual income is different and powerful. Residual income is where you get paid over and over again for the work that you did in the past. For instance, you write a book and you get paid over and over again for the work you did to write the book.

This is what we create with the Get Paid to Live Healthy Wellness Program. Once you have your wellness team in place, you get that $1500 bonus over and over again. You get paid over and over again for living healthy and helping others do the same.

Powerful, right?

Watch both videos to understand the details. 

5 Minute Introduction

Wellness Payback Program

It’s important to understand the value of $50, $250 and $1500 when it’s residual income.

Let’s look at an example. 

You would need $10k earning 6% interest to create a $50 return each month.

You would need $50k earning 6% interest to receive $250 per month.

And you would need a whopping $300k earning 6% interest to receive $1500 per month residual income. 

Think about that.

Once you’ve created your $1500 bonus, you have a $300k asset that’s paying you each month to live healthy and probably do a little more. 

Incredible right? You just created a $300k asset that is paying you $1500 a month.

But  there’s more…

Make sure you watch the Payback Plan video for months 4, 5 and 6 if you’re open to more than just getting paid to live healthy.

The Wellness Industry is the Perfect Side Hustle

The Health and Wellness industry as a whole is currently valued at just over $1.5 trillion and expected to see an annual market growth of 5 to 10 percent.

Almost 50% of people are now prioritizing their health as a direct result of the health crisis from 2020 and on. Those people want natural products. They want to build a healthy life...

AND they also need an encouraging community to help them in their journey.

Here’s how you get started…


  • Ditch less healthy products for healthier, safer, more effective products from doTERRA.

  • Swap healthy products you already use for doTERRA wholesale products like:

    • Supplements: vitamin, minerals, omegas, probiotics

    • Nutrition: protein, greens and fiber powders

    • Healthcare products for sleep, stress, digestion, pain, immune support, etc.

    • Non-toxic household cleaners

    • Non-toxic personal care products for hair, skin, teeth and nails

    • Metabolic health and weight support tools including collagen and NMN

    • First aid products and sunscreen care

    • Safe baby, child and even pet care products

  • Think of it like having a Costco membership and using Instacart to deliver it to your door.

  • Or it’s kind of like Amazon Prime using their subscribe and save monthly delivery option.


  • You help 3 others Ditch & Switch for healthy products

  • Connect them with the Get Paid to Live Healthy Wellness Program.


  • Once you have your Get Paid to Live Healthy Team of 3...

  • You help them get their team of 3

  • You get paid the Power of 3 Team Bonus!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join…

Wholesale Wellness Product Pricing

($600 Value)

You get a 25% discount on wellness products delivered to your door.

Access to the Loyalty Rewards Program, which gives you up to an additional 30% back on purchases to use for additional products.

You get free shipping on 100pv orders.

Access to exclusive sales and limited time offerings.

Customizable kits with even deeper discounts.

Wellness Collective VIP Partnership

>175k global members ($497 Value)

This includes:

  • Health and product training

  • Access to over 22+ Wellness eBooks

  • Live and On Demand Natural Wellness Education

  • Metabolic Health Support & 30 Day Challenge

  • Essential Oils Masterclass

  • The Metabolism Makeover Class

doTERRA Partnership


doTERRA takes care of sourcing and product development, customer support, payroll and accounting, capital and infrastructure, investing millions of dollars in people and countries around the world, product development, testing, and shipping!

You may not have capital to bring to the table, you may not have a lot of money to invest, so doTERRA is going to accept you as a partner with the sweat equity that you come in with.

If you're willing to bring value through serving, educating and loving your network, then doTERRA will take up to 50% of all the company revenue and give that to us and our networks.

PARTNERSHIP! Get Paid to Live Healthy!!

Strategy & Mentoring to create $1500 monthly residual income! ($2,100 value)

  • Power off 3 Team Strategy to not only create $1500 per month, but to also create multiple six figure income if that's something you want.

  • Mentoring and support from Wellness Advocates and coaches to help with a healthy lifestyle

  • Get Paid to Live Healthy getting started guide book with everything you need to get started!

Access to Online Communities

($500 Value)

In these groups you'll be able to ask questions about health challenges. We have hundreds of experts from all types of fields from doctors and nurses to health coaches, holistic nutritionists, personal trainers and wellness practitioners.

You'll have access to product training and lifestyle tips for nutrition, metabolism, sleep, stress, emotional resilience, reducing toxins, personal care, exercise & performance, as well as proactive medical care.

In addition, we have financial experts, business coaches and investment experts for support with creating financial freedom and flexibility.

Online Tools and Membership Site


  • Your own customizable website

  • Referral links to receive affiliate commissions

  • Online funnel, email and course creation system for additional revenue opportunities

  • Membership site with Simple Steps To Succeed In Getting Paid To Live Healthy

  • Scripts to invite, influence and inspire

  • Online courses and certifications through doTERRA's training site




Here’s what you’ll get when you join…

When you complete your 6 months, you will…

  • Create a $1500+ income every month with a $200/mo investment. That's more than a 700% return on your money.

  • Have CLARITY on how to use these health and financial tools.

  • Discover what’s been holding you back and the system that’s already in place for financial and health freedom.

  • Feel BRAVER! (You’ll be ready to step outside your comfort zone when opportunities present themselves...)

  • Be prepared to tackle the curveballs life throws your way in life, health and finances.

  • Have the tools you need to unlock your influence and unleash it into the world.

    PLUS you’ll have an entire family supporting you on your path to Unstoppable Health & Financial Freedom moving forward!

Oh, and there’s one more thing I think you’ll love…

Earn your initial investment in your own health back!

Say whaaaat?!? Oh yea.

The more the merrier, right? So, I’m including a very special offer just for you...

Refer 6, Your Initial Wellness Kit is Free

“Birds of a feather flock together…” So if you’re super stoked about this program, I’m guessing at least 6 of your friends or team members will be too… So once you join the Get Paid to Live Healthy Wellness Challenge you’ll be able to get a unique share link.

Then, when 6 of your friends join the Challenge using your special link, you’ll be reimbursed the cost of your initial kit through your share bonuses. Then SHAZAM! You scored this Transformational Experience for FREE and you’re on your way to Get Paid To Live Healthy!

That’s really good stuff, right?

Ok, so enough talking…it's time to take action and get signed up.

I can’t WAIT to get to know you and help you move to the next level! You are worth it and the world needs YOU!

xo, Stacy

P.S. "If you want things to change, YOU have to change!" -Jim Rohn




What People Are Saying

This formula has completely transformed my life. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use what I’ve learned to be healthy, from aches & pains, to energy & stamina. The knowledge and tools have helped me help others I know recover from depression, surgeries, anxiety, childbirth and so much more. They live a full happy quality of life now.  Stacy’s dedication and leadership are an example to me of what can be achieved when you follow your chosen path. I've implemented her trainings with ease and I've gotten massive results as I've been consistent. Love, love, love her trainings. What I love most about this community is that everyone is so nice and willing to help each other out. I’m grateful that she has taken the time to teach us, mentor us and make us feel welcome. - Brandy Millsap

I love that Stacy has an amazing way of not letting emotions/feelings construct her advice! She has a love for the greater good! She has a very strong love for those around her but so much farther, love to affect and benefit those beyond her immediate circle! She is giving! Giving of her resources, time, energy and support! She never gives up on someone and does whatever she can to help them succeed! Thank you!

💕Anna Hale

This lifestyle has empowered me as a mom and helped me be self-reliant. It's a lifestyle change which brings awesome health and results. I find joy having solutions for myself and others. Stacy's systems and tools are exactly what I need to keep growing. I love that I get results and do it in a way that helps benefit others. I like most about our community is the encouragement I receive. - Britany Gann

Meet Your Mentor

Hello I’m, Stacy Paulsen . . . a health and business strategist, founder of our global Wellness Collective community with over 175k members, certified health & strengths coach, YouTuber, wife and mother of six amazing children.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve learned that you can’t talk about real life and financial success without talking about tapping into something that’s bigger than all of us, that’s God and our purpose or mission here in this life. When we are aligned with our purpose and those superpowers we’ve been given, we can tap into the power of inspiration and our Creator to fulfill our potential with ease, excellence and enjoyment. 

Diplomas on The Wall:  

BS in Business and Marketing - Brigham Young University

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Marriott School Of Management - BYU

Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

Certified Health Coach

Husband:  Dick Ray Paulsen (Master Teacher of Religious Education - My Hero)

Children:  6 Amazing Kids in 13 years (Kaleb, Jarom, Elli, Corom, Minna and Morgan)

Favorite Past–Times:  Running, Reading, Learning, Watching Meaningful Movies

Biggest Accomplishment:  It really has to be creating a happy home and family! “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” 

Favorite Food:  Anything Authentic Mexican, minus any meat and cheese!

Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Little Women and Just Mercy.

Biggest Fear:  Jumping on a trampoline - after six kids that would just lead to humiliation.

Biggest Source of Inspiration:  God.

Best Advice: One of our greatest gifts is the power to choose in any situation or in any circumstances that we can live in a beautiful state. 

Childhood Dream: Honestly can’t remember, it was mostly survival from day to day. 

Nicknames:  Bubbles (for spit bubbles I made as a baby), Mum, Stace, Ribbly Rubilers (my dad made up weird names for people), Muschel (Sea Shell in German given by my Opa)

Biggest Secret: If I told you….it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!




Product Testimonials

Being introduced to doTERRA & essential oils has radically changed what we as a family do for prevention & in supporting the body.

  It has been a blessing to our family & has naturally been something I have desired to share with others so that they too can benefit from the natural solutions they provide. 

Megan Hunter, RN - Saugus, CA

The BIGGEST thing I learned from Stacy is that no matter the protocol, you need to apply/ diffuse etc., be CONSISTENT!!

Ann Bellenson

Stacy has taught me a lot about essential oils & how to incorporate them in our daily lives. I'm forever learning from her. Thank you Stacy & Doterra.

Krystle Stillwagon

Stacy is very knowledgeable with the use and benefits of the essential oils. She is extremely helpful in sharing information and keeping us updated on the newest information as it comes out.  

Kelly Lawson Valencia, CA.

Essential oils have transformed our family's health and wellness. Our lives are enriched and we have simple solutions to everyday challenges. Many thanks to Stacy for simplifying the learning process!!

Koren H.

DoTerra ... essential oils are my go to wherever I'm at at any time for more things than you can even imagine! The most powerful tool for me to have for myself and my children❤️

Jessie W.

My husband used grapefruit oil and Lavender directly on the skin for blood-clots in his leg. The blood-clots dissolved within a few weeks.

Camille Baker

Stacy does a great job of simplifying the oils and how and why to use the right ones. Always there for you when needed. Lots of help and ready to give more . Nice to chat with her as well.

Jack Hamlett Phoenix Arizona

I use LLV and essential oils to help with fibromyalgia along with low mood and anxiety

Teresa Zoller, Albany, OR

I just love the plethora of knowledge that Stacy has both the usage of doTERRA Essential Oils, along with the business side of doTERRA. These oils have helped me transform my health, and the business side has helped transform my financial future.

Cheryl Lynn Wrenn

Since I started using essential oils my allergies are almost totally under control.  I use to be on prescription medication including sprays, eye drops and pills but since I started using the oils I no longer am on any of them!

Vickie Smith WA

Doterra had helped my family stay off medications and lead a healthier life without running to the doctor every couple of weeks!

Casey, Castaic, CA

Since I started using essential oils for my allergies, I'm allergy free. I don't even use my regular medicine anymore.

Marcela Stremiz

I suffered from Occipital Neuritis for over 10 years.  Daily headaches, migraines 3-4 times per week, stabbing ice pick sensation along shoulder blade and back of head and behind eye.  Had every - literally - treatment available - trigger point injections, cortisone shots in scull, you name it.  NOTHING WORKED.  Introduced to Deep Blue - immediate relief and after two months of use (used 2-3 times per day), have had only a handful of headaches or migraines and occipital nerve pain almost non existent. Truly a miracle!

J-Marie Edler - Trabuco Canyon CA

Be part of a mission greater than yourself...

Can you imagine an opportunity that not only allows you to grow in health and wealth, but also be apart of a mission that's helping THOUSANDS of communities around the world?

Learn how doTERRA does that in the videos below!








What People Are Saying...

I love essential oils and knowing my health is getting more whole. It's so simple to put the drops in my water container that I take to work.

Christin Jones

I really don't know what we did before essential oils. They have allowed us to advocate for our own health and wellness.

Sharlie Harby

I have been able to quit taking prilosec using essential oils.

Lesa Barnes, Panguitch, Utah

Using essential oils has transformed my life in ways I didn't expect.

Deborah D., Santa Clarita

I love essential oils and that I finally bought them. They have helped my family members, my animals and me greatly. I have saved so much money from investing in this. I love that I can use natural oils for everything from a bug bite to cleaning the bathrooms. There is only one side effect and that's I can't stop using the essential oils! It's such wonderful healthy addiction. It has changed my life for the better!

Jessica Chapel Olympia, WA

I am a mother of 6 and our oldest has Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) With this disease she uses less than 40% of her lungs. Last year in January 2014 when that nasty respiratory virus was hitting, Cheyenne got it and medication weren't helping. We were going on 2 weeks when a friend (Pam) introduced us because of my husbands sinus problems. Cheyenne would choke when we laid her down to sleep. Already on a angle because she can't lay flat. I sat her up and we got her through it. I stood there for 2 hours while she leaned on my stomach and slept. I prayed and asked God for help. So I got the sample of peppermint oil and rubbed it on her feet. She coughed a couple of times then fell asleep. Sleeping the rest of the night. So the next morning I applied more to her feet and throughout the day she coughed a couple of times. That night I applied and she slept with no issues. The next morning she was totally fine. No more coughing and issues. That did it for us. We signed up immediately!  Giving God all the glory for giving us these oils!

Shannon Scott

Had heartburn and peppermint was a saving grace.

Stephanie Rodriguez, La Crescenta, CA

I started using the oils one year ago when I was waking up every morning with aches and pains that never went away, and fatigue that I didn't like. I have been using the LLV steady for about 6 months now and never have that feeling anymore. I also use a variety of oils for other issues but I know it is the LLV that took away the body aches!

Pam Villa Maple Valley, WA

I use essential oils every day wether it be diffuse them or applying them topically. I have put on guard on my children this winter to help ward off the sickness..knock on wood it has helped!!

Jennifer Hay - Crown point , IN

I have always been an advocate for natural solutions to healthcare and essential oils were the missing piece of my puzzle. I feel more confident taking care of my family now and keeping us all away from the doctor. Stacy has helped my education exponentially and given me tools to take it all to the next level.

Miranda Alexander, Denver, CO

I LOVE using essential oils! I've been using them for almost 6 months now and have greatly reduced the amount of OTC and Rx meds I and my family have taken. I started with the family physician kit from doTERRA and I love it! Thanks for being supportive during my time of learning how to use them.

Cyndie Green, Ellendale, ND

I love my doTERRA Essential Oils. I can smell, taste & inhale the purity of them. I have also experienced the healing benefits from them when I came down with a cold. I won't go a day without using them. I Am learning so much more about their applications that I'm thoroughly ecstatic every time I learn something new. Thank you Stacy for such a beautiful Creation of Joy in bottle.

Rejoyce - Van Nuys, CA

I just love everything about these oils, I am a healthy person at 70 and intend to stay that way with my oils and vitamins...I have no prescription or over counter medicine in my home...

Glenda Giles - Georgia 

I have a testimonial from my downline that is really great.  Her name is Felicia and lives in El Monte.  She has okayed using her quote.  "I absolutely love Doterra. It's really changed everything as far as the health of my family. We use to make trips quite often to Kaiser, but since incorporating oils into my household we haven't made any within the last 6 months."

Yun Hui Park

Had a toothache and followed the recipe and within 15 mins it did not hurt anymore!!  My daughter introduced me to Essential Oils and I love them.:-)

Doris Isenhower

Breathe works for Asthma! 

Michelle Olsen

Waking up in the middle of the night with a sick child is every mothers nightmare. Having the oils in our house is a blessing. Being able to use the oils at a moments notice is amazing. As a mom being able to help my son quickly and efficiently is a wonderful feeling. Not having to worry about over dosing or side effects is a huge relief. I love my oils.

Sandra Pascal

Essential  oils have made huge improvements in my migraine problems. Life changing improvements just by using topically. They work!!

Kathy Gould

Stacy, Jessica and Mindy (many others) have helped me get off 5 medications. No more drugs! My favorites thing is walking into a store (Walmart) in the pharmacy department where all the OTC meds are, pointing to them and saying to myself "I don't need you , or you, or you!!! Woo Hoo, I have what I need at home with my Doterra Essential Oils!!!

Jackie Pavlak

I was driving my car that evening Suddenly  I feel so tired and got a headache . I apply past tense and in tunes together on the sides forehead . It's like a magic . I became alert and awake . It really works.

Gene Misa

Plantar Fasciitis - After using these 5 oils (Helichrysum, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Peppermint & Eucalyptus) on the painful heel, within 5 days the pain had diminished 75%. I stopped the treatment & 2-3 weeks later, zero pain. Using Lemon Oil in my water has helped 99% with acid reflux. Using Breathe in the Petal Defuser has helped a friend with horrible respiratory congestion.  It loosens up mucus. 

Nancy Totta, Santa Clarita, CA

No moré allergies no moré headaches no moré fatigue

Lourdes Sotelo Huntington Beach Ca

I have had bad sinuses for the past 8 years the, but the On Guard has helped a lot this year.

Sheila Shortz. Grass Lake, MI

Since I've been using the oils, my life has changed! Ive replaced my whole medicine cabinet with a pouch full of oils. Also, I can use them on my 4-year-old without worrying about negative side effects. Being able to share the oils with friends and family is the best feeling because I can be of service to them, saving them time and money.

Irene K.

I am so grateful to have Doterra Oils in my life!  They are simple to use and highly effective for me and my whole family.I can't recommend them enough! 

Michele Z., Santa Clarita, CA

Our family has benefited greatly by implementing oils as a first choice to many everyday issues. We feel confidant using these trusted all natural remedies as a first source aid.

Lanair Baker

My daughter was going to 3 specialists to find out what the problem was with her skin and finally diagnosed with irritant dermatitis. Nothing worked great for her and we did not want steroids. They let us try the essential oils and now she is doing great! We don't even have appointments scheduled. These changed her life.

Lara Coleman

I simply dropped some Lemon essential oil over the [slightly gross] sticky stuff, let it sit for a moment, and scrubbed ALL the residue away with a warm-water-soaked rag. Within MINUTES my fridge was squeaky clean & lemon fresh!

Brandi Hayes

My friend is allergic to cats and came to visit us.  She took Clairitin before she came but was still getting stuffy and her ears plugging.  I offered her the allergy bomb - lemon, lavender and peppermint - to try.  Within seconds she was seeing results!   She is now a wholesale customer!

Tammy Gamester




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