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— I'm Stacy, Welcome!

I'm glad our paths connected! ✨

Empowering parents with natural health and wellness is what I do. Setting them free to create their greatest possibilities is who I am.

I’m the Founder and CEO of Stacy Paulsen LLC … I launched my doTERRA business in 2011.

I’m also a Blue Diamond leader, which has allowed my passion and impact to scale within a few year period to create a community of nearly 150,000+ essential oil users around the world.

Through my health & business coaching programs, I light up the path to living life fully, by mastering emotional and physical health naturally.

What I’m known for is helping purpose-driven parents unlock their greatest possibilities…and achieve ultimate freedom.

I believe that women have more potential than they ever thought possible...

My intention is to help you see your potential and what could be possible in your life, your health and in a business like this.

As a mom of 6 kids (3 boys and 3 girls), I have a supercharged passion for growing our impact while protecting what is most important.

If you believe you were created for greatness + to be a light in this world, you’re in the right place!

Well, let's see...

I'll start with how I'm a mother of 6 beautiful, confident, kids. I feel like everything I'm about to write stems from there. They are everything to me. My second oldest daughter Minna is the reason you're reading any of this - because we were trying to have more children, after years of miscarriages and chronic health issues, essential oils came into my life, shifting my body in a way that made it possible for our beautiful Minna to come into our family ...

Timeline that Shaped My Work

1998 - Challenge #1: Dad passed away at 52 years old do to failed medical system

1999 - Married to My Sweetheart: Dick Ray Paulsen Jr. in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

2000 - I became a mother. Kaleb is born.: ...and so am I!

2001 - Challenge #2: Laid off from my corporate marketing job while in the process of building a home.

2002 - Jarom is born: I teach online marketing classes at night to make ends meet as my hubby finishes up school.

2003 - Elli is born. I begin an online business. We move to Duchesne, Utah where my husband is hired to teach religious education and I juggle stay-at-home mom & entrepreneurship.

2004-2009 - Challenge #3: Health struggles: miscarriages, migraines, chronic sinus infections, low mood & energy...many medications, surgery, doctors and hospital visits!

2007 - Corom is born. We are debt free.: Thank you online business. We paid off all our debt including a new custom home within 3 years, but I'm working my tail off and not feeling my best.

2010 - Introduced to doTERRA & Moved to California: Alisse gave me some essential oils for hayfever. THEY ACTUALLY WORKED and a LIGHTBULB WENT ON...

2011 - Minna is Born. Started my doTERRA Business: After making lifestyle shifts, using essential oils and the LifeLong Vitality Supplements, my body was back in balance, full of energy and optimism. I felt a draw to help other women struggling with emotional and physical challenges holding them back from living life fully!

2013 - In Less than 2 YEARS: Reached the rank of Diamond in doTERRA, creating a 6 figure income, allowing our family more financial stability in the expensive state of CA.

2014 - Within 3 YEARS: Became a Blue Diamond leader in doTERRA, with a multiple 6 figure RESIDUAL income and a worldwide community of essential oils users.

2022 - Impact Inside & Outside My Home: We have nearly 150k customers in 50+ countries and over 1500 5, 6 & 7 figure income earners, most of which are women! PLUS...I have time freedom to choose the adventures I have with my family and inspire my kids to live life fully!

Today - What I Want to Emphasize: is that one day, all the experiences (both the painful and the joyful) will come together to make perfect sense and can work together for your good. These experiences can lead to your highest potential and greatest contribution!

And so ... here we are.

And there is not a day that goes by where I am not inspired to connect with you and create for you! And it all feels so deeply meaningful to me.

I feel a great responsibility to share what I know and what I live. Because I live a beautiful, healthy, fulfilled, joyful life.

I am an example of what happens when you take responsibility on a daily basis for your health, for your success and for living your gifts.

I believe that my wellbeing is 100% my responsibility and everything I will teach you on our journey together will be focused on guiding you to master your emotional, physical and financial health.

Family, time and freedom are top values.

I have a deep belief about what is important and I take action rooted in my convictions.It might give you the impression that my life is perfect but obviously you know that's not true for anyone. But I do live each day with boundaries in place around what is most important to me.

I have an amazing husband who is the best father I could have ever dreamed up for our 6 kids. We've been growing and serving together for over 22 years and have gone through many tough times. People ask us all the time what advice we have for making a relationship stick through years ...

We have fun together, we've created a life together that is 100% who we are, we keep things simple, we talk it out,we feel deep gratitude for all we've been blessed with.

So ... what do I actually do?

✨ I sell doTERRA essential oils - I know that these are the tools that are healing the world in many ways.✨ I create health programs & videos that take complicated info and make it doable, fun + inspiring. ✨ I connect with you through my weekly YouTube videos, Stacy Paulsen Coaching, sharing my health + leadership perspective. ✨ And I build vibrant online communities for you to connect into. This is the new village. But what I really do is provide the framework for you to become your own health and success CEO.

I attract people interested in owning their life.

I often work with women who want to make a bigger impact in their families and in the world, but feel like they’re stuck in a life or job that isn’t giving them the health or financial freedom, nor flexibility to live their greatest potential.

And that’s exactly where Jessica was when I met her. She was a mom who had some health challenges that traditional healthcare wasn’t solving and she was stuck in a life-sucking job with a terrible boss and often felt torn between work and family.

Before meeting Jessica, I was in a similar place, feeling guilty as a mom and entrepreneur struggling while also dealing with health challenges. I knew I wanted things to be different, but often felt hopeless based on the traditional options I was familiar with.

After my first experience with essential oils, I realized...

✨ There are things in the world that I’m not aware of that could open up greater possibilities✨ I could take control of my health and that of my family✨ There’s so much more possible through this business model than what I had been doing as an entrepreneur for years✨ We all have superpowers that allow us to create whatever we want with more ease and enjoyment than we ever thought possible

The Solution...

The Live . Life . Fully . Framework

✔️ Develop your health and wellness foundation with simple tools and lifestyle shifts
✔️ Create an impactful business that provides financial freedom and flexibility
✔️ Unlock your Super Powers so that you can do that something special you were called to do

Here is what our lives look like now…

We have notdictating when and how we spend time with our childrenToday we earn more income in a month than we did in a yearWe travel all over the world to places like New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico and EuropeWe’ve served with our children both locally and on humanitarian trips to places like Guatemala and MexicoWe’ve be able to support our kids as they go after their dreams because they see us going after oursBeing debt free without the stresses of what the world may bring to our doorstepA global community of over 150k+ individuals and families who are taking charge of their lives and their health

Now I want to take you back to the story of Jessica...

✔️ She was able to leave her life-sucking job (her words)
✔️ Her girls are thriving and going for their dreams.
✔️In fact, one daughter is the youngest professional women’s soccer player

Jessica M.

Entrepreneur & Mother of 3

“The biggest word that encompasses it all is freedom. Freedom to choose how I work, when I work, where I work, who I work with - freedom to dream as big as I want and decide if it’s enough or if there is more for me to do. It has pushed me far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of and then some. I love helping other people get a little view into what freedom they can experience with this platform.”

Empowering parents with natural health and wellness is what I do. Setting them free to create their greatest possibilities is who I am.


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for beginners

Includes Yoga, Fitness nominated group exercise classes & swimming. A perfect program for beginners, who are eager to lead a healthier lifestyle and consider their options.

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Includes advanced yoga classes with our most experienced coaches. This type of membership is perfect for starters. For people, who are not sure what to do with their schedule or workout routine yet.

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Includes advanced yoga classes with our top coaches. It`s the most optimal type of a card for anyone, with a tight schedule. With a monthly plan, you`ll be on time everywhere!

Our trainers

Certified Fall 2005

Dave has been practicing yoga for 12 years, and teaching in San Diego for over 10 years. Bikram says that it takes 10 years for one to become a true Bikram Yoga Teacher and Dave is there... Dave`s great personality, sense of humor, and way with words make those 90 minutes in the hot room seem like a piece of cake.

Certified Spring 2008

Nelia has been practicing Yang - style Tai Chi for over 10 years. She trained one - on - one from 2002 to 2007 with Howard Tseng, a certified Tai Chi master in Taiwan and in California(San Francisco Bay Area). She was a teaching assistant to Howard for about a year in 2007 and 2008 before moving to San Diego.

Certified Fall 1997

Yoga found Richard in the late 90s and he has explored and enjoyed various styles of yoga in the years since then. He holds a degree in anthropology and yoga allows him to blend his interest in the broad range of human experience with his love for physical movement. His classes incorporate his formal training in Anusara.

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